Your Turn-Key Source For All Things Haunted...

Whether you desire a full blown haunted event or attraction. Or just require a bump in your marketing plan,

MAD Haunted Productions is your one stop spook shop. Let us know how we can assist in your "final plans".


MAD Haunted Productions offers creative services ranging from initial theming to full blown interactive immersive productions. We specialize in turn-key shows and events, but we also are available to assist in individual elements of your haunt.  When you need the creative juices flowing call us. You'll love the way our minds work!  We know haunt and we know what the mortals want!


Whether your plan is to haunt a pre-existing house or building, or build from the ground up our construction crews are ready to tackle any assignment. Our knowledge of building and fire codes puts us in the driver's seat. We

use industry standards for commercial construction and apply award winning theatrical effects and sets to bring the haunt to life (or death as the case may be). Building to handle the crowds in a safe and fun design package is what we do... 


We are available to design your haunt from the ground up, or just provide you with your exact needs. From storyboards to blueprints, character designs, make-up and advertising MAD is your one-stop-shop. Our team is able to provide architectural drawings often required by local code enforcement as well as set design, costuming and special F/X. We work within all styles of haunt, horror and the macabre! 


It's no fun when nobody shows up at your attraction or event. We at MAD apply our 35 plus years experience in driving mortals to the creaky front doors of some of the largest and best attended haunted shows every October. From advertising design and layout, to websites, interactive apps, and commercial spot production, we create a seamless campaign that puts you on the map and keeps you there. Corporate Sponsorship relations are a big part of what we do as well! 



There is no such thing as a stupid question... unless you keep having to ask it over and over again. At MAD we apply our proven formula and it works. If your group requires a couple of tweaks here and there, or a full-fledged team to provide whatever your needs are we are a phone call away. Please call 702-370-0453 now to inquire about our expertise and how it can be applied to take you where you want to be.